Corona virus Pandemic: GKS President urges the world to look to God and be circumspect

March 17, 2020

Press Release

Corona virus Pandemic: GKS President urges the world to look to God and be circumspect

The President of God’s Kingdom Society GKS, the Church of the Living God  Brother Godwin Ifeacho has enjoined peoples of the world to look to God Almighty for protection from the scourge of the Corona virus and to be fervent in prayers to Him to bring the pandemic to an end.

The GKS leader who also commiserated with the victims of last Sunday’s (the February 15, 2020) explosion at Abule Ado in Amuwo Odofin Development Area of Lagos State, said only God Almighty has the power to bring the pandemic to an end either by stopping it directly or teaching human beings the cure for the ailment. 

He praised the Vice President of the United States, and head of the country’s Task Force on Corona Virus, Mr. Mike Pence for leading members of the Task Force in prayer at their meeting of February 26, 2020 and described as “misguided” those who portrayed the move as “unsettling” and “odd”.

Brother Ifeacho said other leaders should copy the example of the US Vice President rather than arrogantly believing only in their own efforts. He said that while the tension and panic measures by peoples and governments are understandable and reasonable, a fact that should not he discounted  “is that we should trust in God Almighty and be prayerful even as we observe the preventive measures as outlined by health officials”.

Expressing sadness over the explosion at Abule-Ado, Brother Ifeacho prayed God to give the victims the strength and the means to cope with the disaster. He urged the authorities and all well-meaning individuals and institutions in the world to do their utmost to rehabilitee the victims, strictly enforce building and safety regulations and avoid whatever pitfalls that resulted in the disaster.

He appealed to the government and the people to strictly enforce environmental sanitation laws  and to regard as a matter of utmost importance the protection of lives and property of the citizenry.


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