Devotional Guide, Today’s Reading – Monday, January 20, 2020


Text: “And when Abigail saw David, she hasted, and lighted off the ass, and fell before David on her face, and bowed herself to the ground, And fell at his feet, and said, Upon me, my lord, upon me let this iniquity be:  and let thine handmaid, I pray thee, speak in thine audience, and hear the words of thine handmaid.” – 1 Samuel 25:23,24.

Comment: Abigail was the wife of Nabal, a rich man. When David heard that Nabal was shearing his sheep, he sent his messengers to ask for assistance from him. “And Nabal answered David’s servants, and said, Who is David?  and who is the son of Jesse?  there be many servants now a days that break away every man from his master. Shall I then take my bread, and my water, and my flesh that I have killed for my shearers, and give it unto men, whom I know not whence they be?” – 1 Samuel 25:1-11.

This act of Nabal angered King David and he arose with his servants, armed with swords to kill Nabal and all males in his household. But Abigail who got wind of the impending danger arose with gifts to pacify David and his men who were in rage. She then made the statement in the text for today. On seeing her and hearing her kind words, David said: “…Blessed be the LORD God of Israel, which sent thee this day to meet me: And blessed be thy advice, and blessed be thou, which hast kept me this day from coming to shed blood, and from avenging myself with mine own hand.” – 1 Samuel 25:32,33.

Christians should always apply wisdom and discretion in all circumstances they find themselves. King Solomon declared: “When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul; Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee.” – Proverbs 2:10,11.

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