Devotional Guide, Today’s Reading Thursday April 20, 2023

Theme: Be Careful for Nothing

Text: “Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you.” – 1 Peter 4:12.

Comment: At one time or another, every Christian would have “a fiery trial”.  Such trial is allowed by God to prove the faith of the person who claims to worship Him.  It is also a training or disciplinary process to purge the convert of the works of the flesh so that he would become a new creature imbued with faith, understanding, patience, temperance, humility, obedience and so on. (1 Thessalonians 3:3, 4; Acts 14:22; 2 Timothy 3:12) The Christian should not get confused or become faithless in the face of these assaults from the devil, or start looking to “mountains” and “hills” or to “Egypt” (Satan’s organization) for help; rather he should remain faithful and understand that such tribulations show that he is on the side of God. – Proverbs 24:10; Jeremiah 3:23; Isaiah 30:1-3.

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