Devotional Guide, Today’s Reading Wednesday May 24, 2023

Theme: Some Noble Christians of the Bible

Text: “Then Philip went down to the city of Samaria, and preached Christ unto them.” – Acts 8:5.

Comment: Philip like Stephen was one of the seven deacons chosen by the multitude of disciples as instructed by the apostles for the daily ministration and impartial distribution of food among the Greek (proselytes) and Hebrew Christian widows in Jerusalem. (Acts 6:1-6) Philip’s activity makes him outstanding as one with high spiritual virtue. He travelled to Samaria to preach the saving gospel with great zeal and miraculous power through the Holy Spirit. He cast out demons from those that were possessed, healed those with palsy and the lame. His work brought succor and joy to the city. Many people accepted Christ and were baptized including a sorcerer called Simon who until then was using magical powers to bewitch people (Acts 8:5-13) He also expounded the scriptures to the eunuch of Ethiopia who believed and was baptized. – Acts 8:26-40

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