Devotional Guide, Today’s Reading Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Text: “Forasmuch as there is none like unto thee, O LORD; thou art great, and thy name is great in might. Who would not fear thee, O King of nations? for to thee doth it appertain: forasmuch as among all the wise men of the nations, and in all their kingdoms, there is none like unto thee. – Jeremiah 10:6, 7.

Comment: Jeremiah the prophet in his exhortation to all people to forsake other gods went on to give solid reasons why only God Almighty should be worshipped, thus:  “But the LORD is the true God, HE IS THE LIVING GOD, and an everlasting king: at His wrath the earth shall tremble, and the nations shall not be able to abide His indignation.” (Jeremiah 10:10) Furthermore, “When he (God Almighty) uttereth his voice, there is a multitude of waters in the heavens, and he causeth the vapours to ascend from the ends of the earth; he maketh lightnings with rain, and bringeth forth the wind out of his treasures.”  He added that all those gods people worship would be destroyed by God Almighty in due time, meaning that those who put their trust in them would be destroyed along with them. – Jeremiah 10:13,11,12.


Indeed we need to fear God Almighty and tremble at His presence as he admonished through His prophet Jeremiah: “Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not: Fear ye not me? saith the LORD: will ye not tremble at my presence, which have placed the sand for the bound of the sea by a perpetual decree, that it cannot pass it: and though the waves thereof toss themselves, yet can they not prevail; though they roar, yet can they not pass over it?”  – Jeremiah 5:21,22.

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