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“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. - Ecclesiastes 3:1.


Under normal conditions and in most situations, the first procedure for good communication is to take time.  There cannot be good communication without making time for it.  This idea goes back to our understanding of what love really is, according to the Scriptures.  It means sharing and doing things together.  But if these are to be practised in the marriage relationship, one must make time sharing and talking.

The husband and wife should set aside time together each day to talk.  A good time would be after the children are in bed, when parents are more free to sit,  hold hands, and talk about whatever is on their hearts opening up and sharing what God has done for them that day.  Praying is also a beautiful way of opening communication lines. If a couple can communicate together with God, they can communicate with each other – but they need to make time for it.  You may ask, “What about conflicts that come up when we're talking?” Couples sometimes face problems and don't resolve them or don't know how to resolve them.  The goal of good communication is to have both the husband and wife face the problem and focus on it together, rather than attacking each other or arguing about “who's right”.  Thus the basic procedures for communication are: (1) Take time:  to communicate, and  (2) Focus on the problems rather than attacking each other. We should pray God to help us find the acceptable words to use in due season or in time of need. (Ecclesiates 12:10; Isaiah 50:4) We should remember St. Paul's admonition that communication should be meaningful, that we should not strive about words to no profit. - 2 Timothy 2:14.

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