GKS charges Nigerians to exercise the fear of God in forthcoming elections



GKS charges Nigerians to exercise the fear of God in forthcoming elections


The God’s Kingdom Society (GKS) – The Church of the Living God, has urged Nigerians to eschew violence and corruption as well as the politics of “self-gratification and vainglory” in order to ensure a peaceful, orderly and successful transition of power through the forthcoming elections.

In a statement signed by the Acting Publicity Secretary of the Church, Brother Ogechukwu Emmanuel Oriaku, the Church implored all the political parties to allow the fear of God and the love of one’s neighbour to guide their actions, even as she urged all stakeholders in the electioneering process “to remain non-partisan and to resist any form of inducements that would make them compromise the integrity of the process”.

The Church further charged all those involved in the political process to allow themselves to be guided by the rule of law rather than engage in politics of deceit, intrigues, manipulation of ethnic and regional sentiments and gratuitous litigations in the struggle for power.

Noting that some of those vying for office, “are possessed of an inordinate quest for position and material gains” the Church added that “It is unfortunate that some are carrying on as if the results are already known, as if the voters are irrelevant or that the elections are a mere formality”.


Warning those indulging in untoward practices to retrace their steps to avoid the adverse judgment of God Almighty, the GKS asserted that “leaders must be serious-minded and mature individuals who are willing and ready to render service to the people. They should be people of high integrity who are solicitous of public welfare and who would rule in the fear of God, knowing that they will give account of themselves to God someday.”


“Incidentally, virtually all politicians seeking offices today say their motive is to render service to the people. If that is the case, then it is expected that those who lose at the forthcoming elections should work with the winners for the progress of the country” the statement said.


According to the GKS, all those involved in the elections must strive to carve a niche for themselves in the annals of this country so that the 2023 general elections will be a reference point for future elections, by the grace of God.


Yours faithfully,


Ogechukwu Emmanuel Oriaku

Acting Publicity Secretary,