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The truth is that the GKS has been observing the birth of Christ in October since the 1930s.  For instance the founding instrument of GKS, St. G.M.Urhobo published a handbill in December 1938, entitled “CHRISTMAS EXPOSED !”. In it he stated, among other things,

”Christ Jesus was born in October BC 2 and not 25th December.  Search the Scriptures. (John 5:29; John 8:20) Christmas Day is purely a pagan feast in commemoration of the birth of Nimrod (a blackman, the first gentile king a mighty hunter and a representative of Satan the Devil, which day falls on the day  of the old Roman feast of the birth of “Sol” the sun-god.  See Genesis 10:8-10;  1 Cor. 10:20; Matt. 13:39; Ps. 58:3; John 8:44. Christians are strictly warned to keep themselves entirely separate from these pagan feasts of the old Roman Empire. See 2 Cor. 6:13-18; Gal. 4:9,10; Col. 2:16; Romans 1:21-32... G. M. Ukoli”.  See WEST AFRICAN PILOT – Saturday, October 15, 1949 – Page 5

The Origins of Christmas                                                                                                          The winter solstice occurs about DEC-21 each year. It is the day of the year when the night is longest and the daytime shortest. Using the crude instruments available, ancient astronomers were able to detect by DEC-25 of each year that the daytime had become noticeably longer.  This date was chosen, and remains, the traditional date for followers of many different Pagan religions to celebrate the rebirth of the sun.
The Babylonians celebrated their "Victory of the Sun-God" Festival on DEC-25. Saturnalia (the Festival of Saturn) was celebrated from DEC-17 to 23 in the Roman Empire. The people of the Roman Empire were accustomed to celebrating the birth of a God on that day.
According to McClintock and Strong Encyclopedia2006 “The observance of Christmas is not of divine appointment, nor is it of N. T. origin. "Pope Julius I confirmed the birthday of our Lord to be kept on December 25; and Chrysostom, in the 4 th century, speaks of the feast as of great antiquity;
So, it was easy for the church to divert people's attention to Jesus' birth.

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