December 21, 2020



Church leader give panacea to troubles of the times

The President of God’s Kingdom Society (GKS), the Church of the Living God, Brother Godwin Ifeacho, has warned that fairness, equity and justice based on faith in God were the minimum conditions for the amelioration of present world difficulties.

In an address he gave to round off the annual Christian Feast of Tabernacles, held online in Salem City, Warri, Bro. Ifeacho declared that it was because of injustices, oppressions and dissatisfactions that the rulers and the ruled are constantly at logger heads in fulfillment of Bible prophecies.

In an address entitled: “Look up and lift your heads for your redemption draweth nigh”, the GKS leader said it is only by insistence on and practice of the truth based on faith in God that people of rational disposition can overcome the “adversities and catastrophes” of the age”.

His words: “Millions are being thrown out into the streets because they cannot pay their rents; so many people are dying every day because of hunger; many are languishing in pain because they cannot afford medical care. Unfortunately, those the masses look to for help, have, because of human frailty, greed, and sheer confusion, been found to be part of the problem, rather than the solution.”

According to him many had found to their chagrin that democracy does not necessarily promote fairness, equity or justice and that even within this period of the COVID 19 pandemic, billionaires in the world have risen significantly while the number of poor people had risen several-fold worldwide “as the rich bought up the small companies that could not survive the strains of the COVID 19 pandemic and many people lost their jobs”.

He explained that the devil was maximally exploiting the crooked and perverse disposition of those in the political, religious and commercial spheres to foster and implement ungodly schemes that worsen the living conditions of people in the earth, “knowing that, anytime within this age, the last days, he and his hosts would be destroyed”.

Rather than rely on the claims of politicians, religious charlatans and be preoccupied “with the endless search for money”, the nations “must be told in clear terms that it is only through faith in God and prayer that those of goodwill would “receive strength, protection, care and eventual salvation” by God’s grace, he said.

During the eight-day event, no fewer than 15 other sermons were delivered virtually, There was also a music concert, special thanksgiving and presentation of gifts to the Church by groups and individuals.

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