The Holy Bible & Evolution

To accept the theory that apes were the ancestors of men, as believed by some people, is to throw dirt on human dignity. A people who does not understand that he owes his existence to God Almighty, or who thinks that he is a product of “chance” must be pitied for having been hoodwinked into spiritual blindness in regard to the divine purpose.
The theory of evolution is to the effect that “all living things (plants and animals) have developed from earlier and different forms, and have not been specially Created”; and that hundreds of millions of years ago one or more tiny, single celled, living organisms appeared on the earth. “Bacteria and amoebae are regarded as examples of these earliest life-forms, which are supposed to have possessed such marvelous powers of development that after long ages, they gave rise to all the varied forms of plant and animal life we find around us in the world today.”
To say the least, this theory is one of the most pernicious philosophies that godless tutors have employed to entice students into disbelieving the authenticity of the Holy Bible and to initiate them into atheism.
Dr. Henry M. Morris expressed the minds of many when he stated that the theory “has probably contributed more to the prevalent secularistic and materialistic philosophy of the world today than any other one influence”.

The view has also been aired by eminent academic authorities that what changed the whole character of thought in science was the publication of Charles Darwin on The Origin of Species in 1859, followed by The Descent of Man in 1871.
It is no wonder that in an evil world in which Satan, the “prince of the power of the air”, is the overlord, such a theory based on the figments of human imagination should receive world-wide acclamation among the “wise men” of the world and have a deadly effect on many people who lay claim to knowledge. Truly, “the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God”. (I Cor. 3: 19) What is more, Jesus Christ said: “…For that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God.” -Luke 16: 15.

Roman Catholic View

Many people have been left in astonishment as to why the Roman Catholic Church, which claims to be the “Mother Church” of Christendom, should come all out to defend the theory of biological evolution which even the pagan propounders themselves did know to be repugnant to the knowledge and understanding of the Holy Bible. In a Roman Catholic monthly magazine – CATHOLIC LIFE issue of June, 1964, a question was asked about the evolution of man and the answer was given as follows:

  1. Question. “Is it sinful to believe that man is the culmination of a process of evolution from something like an ape or monkey?”
  2. Answer. “No. It is not a sin. In fact it is a reasonable thing to do so. Biologists tell us that man’s body, under the guidance of God, of course, has assumed its present form only after having undergone considerable changes in the course of millions of years. Man’s soul is made directly by God and it is probable that the first man, Adam, came into existence when God created a human soul and infused it into a body which had evolved from some animal form like an ape or monkey. The Bible neither affirms nor denies the theory of the evolution of man’s body, If you refuse to accept the theory, please do not base your refusal on any dogma of religion. There is nothing in revelation to confirm or deny the theory, which refers to man’s body only, not to his soul,”

It is a pity that those who claim to be the vicars of Jesus Christ and teachers of God’s word should show such a degree of ignorance of the Scriptures; and be so wheedled into believing and relying on secularistic views of academic savants concerning matters of doctrine clearly revealed in the Holy Bible. Are Christians to be guided by the Scriptures or by faulty opinions of biologists? What authority of Scripture can the Roman Catholic Church cite to support her view that Adam came into existence when God infused a human soul into a body which had evolved from some animal form like an ape or monkey? How did that body without human soul come into being?
And was it through the same process Eve; Adam’s wife came into existence? These are a few questions for which the Roman Catholic priests may further seek the opinion of biologists to get answers.
To say that the Bible neither affirms nor denies the theory of the evolution of man’s body, is a manifestation of gross ignorance. The priests of God have grave responsibilities for what they teach, and they must not mislead the people, “For the priest’s lips should keep knowledge, and they (the people) should seek the law at his mouth; for he is the messenger of the LORD of hosts.” – Malachi 2: 7.

Living Soul

The Holy Bible is quite plain on the point that man was created directly by the Almighty God and gives no room for the speculation that God simply in- fused a human soul into a body which had evolved from an ape or monkey. As it is written: “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” (Genesis 2: 7) The Douay Version of the Bible (which some call Roman Catholic Bible) renders the same text thus: “And the Lord God formed man of the slime of the earth, and breathed into his face the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”
From this text we can see that there is no question of an ape or monkey developing to a man or a ‘soul’ being influenced into a so-called evolutionary body.

God made man from the dust, and when Adam sinned, God told him: “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, (so it is with man up till today) till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” (Genesis 3: 19) It is the height of folly, therefore, for anyone to attempt to contradict these indisputable facts of the Bible which all men see fulfill on human beings that “go the way of all flesh.”
Moreover, what was infused into the body which God formed from the dust (not one that evolved from monkey) was not “human soul” but the breath of life. And so when the breath goes out of man he dies and turns to dust again. The Psalmist declared: “Thou (God) hidest Thy face, they (men) are troubled: Thou takest away their breath (NOT soul), they die, and return to their dust. Thou sendest forth Thy spirit (as on resurrection day), they are created: and Thou renewest the face of the earth.”-Psalm ] 04: 29, 30.
The doctrine that the soul is a separate entity in man which continues its existence after death is an invention of nominal Christianity and it has no foundation in the Holy Scriptures. What is clear from Genesis 2: 7, earlier cited, is that it is the human body made from the dust of the ground and the breath of life that make up the ‘living soul’, And to say that the ‘soul’ can never die is false. God said, “Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, IT SHALL DIE”. – Ezekiel. 18: 4, 20; see also Psalm 89: 48: Acts. 3: 23.

It has been proven beyond all doubts that the premise on which the Roman Catholic Church tries to reconcile the theory of evolution with the Bible is unfounded. Certain “Churches” that have made themselves a part of the world for not keeping strictly the tenets of true Christianity, have a tendency of trying to please men at the expense of the revealed truth of God in the Bible. This is very bad. The late Sir Winston Churchill of Great Britain deplored it. He said:
“Accordingly I have always been surprised to see some of our Bishops and clergy making such heavy weather about reconciling the Bible story with modern scientific and historical knowledge. Why do they want to reconcile them? If you are the recipient of a message which cheers your heart and fortifies your soul, which promises you reunion with those you have loved in a world of larger opportunity and wider sympathies, why should you worry about the shape or colour of the travel-stained envelope; whether it is duly stamped, whether the date on the post- mark is .right or wrong? These matters may be puzzling, but they are certainly not important. What is important is the massage and the benefits to you of receiving it.” – My Early Life.
And St. Paul declared: “For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.”
(Galatians I: 10) It is against the background of this understanding we should judge whether those who are seeking to please men by attempting to reconcile the pagan theory of evolution \with the Bible, are servants of Christ. See also Galatians 1: 8, 9.

Doctrine of Chance

Doctrine of Chance – The theory of evolution is diametrically opposed to the teaching of the Christian Faith in the Holy Bible. It is devilish and must therefore be condemned. An atheist professor was quoted by Dr. Morris to have stated: “The whole history of evolution reveals and witnesses that there is no intelligence to back up the process. You cannot understand evolution and believe in God” What more evidence does one need to know, that godlessness is the very core of the theory of evolution?
In his book, THE BIBLE AND MODERN SCIENCE, Dr. H. M. Morris stated: “It is thus absolutely impossible to believe in the Bible as the complete and literal Word of God and to believe in the theory of evolution. But, more than that, it is almost impossible to believe in a personal God of any sort if one believes in evolution. The so-called theistic evolutionists, who manage to think of evolution as ‘God’s method of creation’, and who profess to see in evolution a grand and beautiful and orderly process of nature – one that enlarges and develops one’s conception of God are being inexcusably inconsistent. Evolution, by its very nature, is materialistic; it is nothing but an attempt to explain the facts of biology in terms of laws of nature without the necessity of recourse to the idea of the supernatural or the divine. Mechanism and the doctrine of chance constitute the very quintessence of evolution.”
It is not our purpose in this sermon to go all the length of discussing the various branches of science and the abundance of scientific proofs available to disprove the theory of evolution as we of the GKS do not claim to be experts on the subject. But accredited academic pundits and scientists themselves have said enough that should convince any reason- able mind that has regard for truth that the theory is anti-God, fallacious and cannot therefore stand the test. of scriptural scrutiny.
Here are some expert opinions: Professor G. M. Price said: “I am perfectly confident that any competent person who will take the time to traverse the evidence now available on this side will reach the same conclusion that I have reached; namely, that the theory of Organic Evolution was a very plausible theory for the times of comparative ignorance of the real facts of heredity and variation, and of the facts of geology which prevailed during the latter part of the nineteenth century; but that this theory is now entirely out of date, and hopelessly inadequate for us, in view of the facts of geology and of experimental breeding as we now know them.”

Lt. Col. Davies, M.A., F.G. S., F.R.S.E., F.R.A.I., decIared: “It will puzzle any geologist to produce the least shred of evidence for evolution which could stand the test of rigid examination by a capable critic… I would guarantee to get up on a platform with any number of evolutionists as opponents, and riddle their supposed ‘scientific’ case throughout, by putting one fundamental question after another which they would be powerless to answer satisfactorily; although failure to answer anyone of those questions would be fatal to all idea of ‘demonstrating’ the truth of Descent.”
An authority in Paleontology, Prof. W.B. Scott, writing on “The Palaeontological Record”, in Darwin and Modern Science, said: “The ludicrous discrepancies which often appear between the phylogenetic ‘trees’ of various writers have led many zoologists to ignore palaeontology altogether as unworthy of serious attention… What one writer postulates as almost axiomatic, another will reject as impossible and absurd.”
Added to all that, an eminent scholar by the name of Dr. Henry M. Morris, has this to say: “Not only does the theory fail to account for the origin of life, but it cannot even provide a satisfactory explanation of the method by which evolution works: A great many proposed explanations have been offered by a great many investigators and theorizers, but the mechanics of evolution remains just as mysterious as it was a hundred years ago. Many modern biologists frankly admit their ignorance on this most important phase of their theory.”
When in 1860 T. H. Huxley read a paper to defend Darwin’s conclusions on biological evolution at a meeting of the British Association in Oxford, Dr. Samuel Wilberforce so creditably ridiculed the whole idea and exposed its satanic character that he gained the honest support of the majority.

Guess Work

Since man was created on the earth, has there ever been a time men observed that a fish changed to a rabbit, a rabbit to a monkey and monkey to a man?
Writing on “Evolution and History”, John Maynard Smith in his book The Theory of Evolution, states: “About 400 million years ago the first aquatic vertebrates evolved; half a million years ago man’s ancestors first chipped stones to make simple tools.” By the way, since no man was in existence about 400 million years ago, how does he come about these “facts and figures”? And how is he sure that his method of calculation is not faulty? The truth is that it is all guess work that the devil instigates them to invent in order to bamboozle the simple and to drift them far from the saving gospel of Christ.
In The Light of Hope (Jan. – Feb., 1969) Professor T. H. Morgan (California Institute of Technology) was quoted as saying: “Within the period of human history we do not find a single instance of the transformation of one species into another one.” The same newspaper also quoted Dr. Austin Clark, a noted biologist of the Smithsonian Institute, thus: “Man is NOT an ape, and in spite of similarity between them there is not the slightest evidence that man is descended from an ape…Fossil skulls which have been dug up and advanced as missing links, showing connection between man and monkey, have all been shown as misrepresentations.”
The past sixty or so years, according to Dr. Morris, has witnessed instances in which experts on bones were fooled. He stated: “Then there was the Hesperopithecus tooth found in 1922 in Nebraska, which was accepted so widely as evidence of man’s antiquity that it was introduced by the evolutionists as expert testimony in the famous evolution trial in Tennessee in 1925. Two years later, however, the complete skeleton was found and proved rather to have belonged to an extinct pig.”
An ape man skull, also found in Colorado, exhibited as such for a time in a museum, was actually the skull of a pet monkey buried a few years previously.
Finally, the famous Piltdown Man, regarded until recently as one of the three or four most important of the ‘missing links’ in man’s evolution, has now been formally pronounced to have been a clever hoax which fooled all the “anthropologica1 specialists for 40 years before being exposed.” (The Bible And Modern Science, emphasis ours).

The Holy Bible states categorically that God created man’ in His own image and endowed him with attributes so that man may live to reverence, glorify and praise Him. “This people have I formed for myself;” said the Lord, “they shall shew forth my praise.” (Isaiah. 43: 21; see also Psalm 145: 10-13)
Every living thing was created after its kind. There was no question of a cell developing to a jelly-fish, and to a lizard, and to an ape; neither was it a matter of monkey developing to a man, fish to a goat, and a bird to a sea- cow. Their power. of reproduction, respectively, was from the Most High.
To man God said: “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” Read Genesis 1: 20-31.
True Christians know for certain that they are the creation of the Almighty God and give thanks. The Psalmist declared: “Know ye that the LORD He is God, it is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are His people, and the sheep of His pasture.” – Psalm 100: 3; see also Isaiah 45: 12; Ephesian 3: 9; John 1: 3.
The theory of evolution, in view of the facts brought to light in this Sermon, is UNTRUE. It is in the interest of all people of goodwill that believe to hold steadfastly to the truth of the Bible which leads to the salvation of God. And blessed be they that believe.