Scripture says that God’s word is true and anyone who ignores it and will not carry out the demands of God, though he may tower high or may appear to be getting on well in life, shall certainly be humbled or brought low at the end of his godless, vain glorious life. Look up Eccl. 8:11-13; Isa 2:11,17.

It is wrong and therefore misleading to teach that Jesus Christ is equal to his Father the Almighty God and that he ( Jesus) himself like his Father was not created. It has been proved clearly from Scripture that Jesus Christ is not equal to his Father and that he WAS CREATED – being “the beginning of the creation of God”. – Rev. 3:14.

It is a great disrespect and humiliation to the Almighty God and an offence to Jesus Christ to say or teach that Jesus Christ   is equal to his Father when Jesus himself says….. “My FATHER IS GREATER THAN I” – John 14:28.

Anyone who says “whether JESUS WAS BORN IN October or December makes no difference” is trying in vain to run away the issue. If it make no difference, why do the churches not celebrate Christ’s birth day in May or August or November but hold dogmatically and rigidly to December 25? And why do certain churches teach it in their catechism classes and print in their tracts such as in “Catechism in preparation for the Frist Reception of the Sacrament of penance and Holy Eucharist”, that “JESUS CHRIST WAS BORN ON CHRISTMAS DAY (December 25th)”?

God warned those who preach His word sternly when He said: ”….. he that hath my word, let him speak my word FAITHFULLY”. – Jer 23:28.

The churches which teach that Jesus was born on December 25 and that he was not created do not teach God’s word FAITHFULLY. They have not the support of scripture. On the issue of Christmas, they have now admitted and/or confessed that Christ was not really born on Christmas day – December 25 – but that they simply fixed that date.

It is only the truth Jesus says, will make his disciples or worshipers free. The truth may be ignored for a while but cannot be suppressed forever. To teach or believe in lies leads to destruction or loss of one’s soul in the end.(Jer.5:25 Matt 15:12-14) You have been warned. It is in the church organization that preaches the truth God will save His sheep. May God help you to discern and accept the truth so that you may be saved. Amen.

October 1978

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