That this evil world is sinking fast as a result of the iniquitous acts of men, especially among the so-called civilised people, is a fact. Even a fool knows that all is not well in this world. From daily happenings reported in newspapers and other information media, men are becoming more and more apprehensive as to where the world is heading for. But diligent students of the Bible know that the destruction of this wicked world is imminent so that the now order of things under Christ, now in the making spiritually, may hold sway.

     In the book of Matthew chapter 24, Jesus Christ uttered a prophecy concerning the tribulations that would befall mankind the maneuvers and deceptive acts of the devil through his prophets to lead many people astray; and other signs that would mark the last day or last period of this sin-ridden world. He warned strongly against the menace of false prophets and bogus Christs that would play upon the credulity of people who are spiritually careless and undiscerning.

These signs which Jesus said would mark the end of the world otherwise called the last day, are daily staring us in the face. The world had been seeing and suffering the sinful consequences of war since man sinned against God; but never before was there any war of such a global magnitude as that of 1914-1918 which marked the beginning of the end of this evil world. And it was rightly designated World War I by both historians and statesmen. St. Paul, filled with the holy spirit, also made prophetic statements as to the evil character of men in the last day or end of this world.  -2 Timothy 3: 1-5.

     We do not need to be told that this prophecy is now fulfilling even to the letter in our time. Are children, at the instance of the devil, not disobedient to parents today? Are men of integrity who are trustworthy easy to find? Do some men not love pleasures more than God-paying fantastic sums of money to go from one town or country or continent to another merely to watch football matches or athletics when they cannot pay even N5/ taxi fare to and from a religious assembly to worship God in fellowship with their neighbours? Are some people not highminded today – wanting to build mansions or estates overnight? and is it not such disposition that have led some into serious troubles for acquiring wealth through bribery and corruption or fraud? Do some men and women not take pride in sinful acts today? Are shameless girls and women not parading the streets, offices and even entering church buildings in mini dresses that sometimes expose their thighs and pants and thus entice some men to lust after them in their hearts for which they put themselves in the danger of God’s judgment and condemnation? (Matthew 5: 27, 28; 1 Corinthians 6: 9, 10) And is blasphemy not now the order of the day with many people-some going to the length of even saying that “God is dead” just because He is merciful, patient and does not take vengeance hastily as rash, proud and vain men do?

     Yes, we see all these things fulfilling clearly in our time and they conclusively bear testimony to the truth of Jesus Christ’s prophecies which he uttered himself or caused his ambassadors and apostles through inspiration to write. The days are fast approaching when “the wicked shall be turned into hell (destruction) and all the nations that forget God”. (Psalm 9: 17. See also Isaiah 26 verse 21, and chapter 60 verse 12, and 2 Thessalonians 1: 6-9) Therefore let wise and God-fearing people all over the world take warning before it is too late.

     In spite of all the sinful acts of men the world over, Jesus Christ who is the mercy of God personified is ready to forgive us all our iniquities if we come to him soberly on bended knees, sincerely acknowledging our sins and asking for his forgiveness with a firm determination, by God’s grace and power, never to lapse into soul-ruining acts again. – Luke 19: 10; Matthew 9: 10-13.

     Many people today still indulge in sinful practices. The sin of UNBELIEF; the sin of CONCEIT; the sin of ARROGANCE and the sin of FALSE DOCTRINES SWALLOWED BY SOME WITHOUT EXAMINING THEM IN THE LIGHT OF THE SCRIPTURES. These and some others are the reasons why the world knows no peace. Moreover, do some men not take pride in agnosticism? And do some sceptics not claim to know the Bible more than those who believe in it and who are given to its diligent studies and preaching?    

 A Vital Question

     Jesus Christ during his earthly ministry asked an all-important question, to wit: “When the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18: 8) The answer is certainly in the affirmative. By the grace of God, he has come in spirit as clearly shown in the Bible supported by prevailing evidences; and he has found faith on earth but with a minority of the people. These are they who have not compromised his service with idolatry or blended his truth with the doctrines of devils and vain traditions of men with a view to pleasing men rather than God. Surely, Jesus Christ has found a people who esteem the widow’s mite and who do not accommodate those attempting to serve God and mammon in his Church. And those people, I reaffirm, are few and are not popular in the world. In the eyes of unbelievers they are “the filth of the world” but God does not see them to be filthy, and though few they are, He will save them.

     Those who preach God’s word unadulterated, truthfully and fearlessly with implicit faith in God are rare. But those who corrupt the truth are many. St. Paul said: “We are not as many, which corrupt the word of God…” (2 Corinthians 2: 17) Jesus Christ was asked: “Lord, are there few that be saved? (Luke 13: 23-27)    If many will strive to enter the fold of salvation but will not be accepted, then Jesus was in effect saying that it is FEW people that will be saved. This is made more explicit in the account of Matthew at chapter seven, verses 13 to 14.

     Notwithstanding the c1aim of some to intellectuality, or their pride in worldly fame, honour, wisdom and wealth, they cannot be saved UNLESS they serve God IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH, repeat, IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH. – John 4: 21-24; 8: 31, 32.

It is those who fear God and serve Him in TRUTH that would be identified with the FEW who now enjoy the peace of God and His good will, and who will be saved in God’s Kingdom after the destruction of this perverse generation.

Culled from Weekly Sermon Vol. II, No. 47

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