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Christian Feast of Tabernacles 2019

Freedom Day Celebration 2020

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The coming of Jesus Christ to die for mankind marked a great turning point for good in the history of the world. The inhabitants of the earth who hitherto had walked in darkness and in the shadow of death suddenly had the chance of gaining perfect life, peace and happiness in God’s Kingdom fully established. It was for this divine purpose that Jesus Christ, having been endowed with regal power and authority, is, along with the remnant of the saints in these last days, calling his people into his kingdom fold notwithstanding the devil’s evil machinations to mislead the people through false religious organizations. Read More

AT this time that the year is rolling away, it is customary with people of sober minds and responsibility to make fresh resolutions aimed at guiding their actions, improving their habits and making the most of their lives in the New Year.
On this score, the message of the President of God’s Kingdom society (GKS), Brother E. T. Otomewo, to the Churches of Christ during the celebration of the Christian Feast of Tabernacles, which ended last Sunday, is very timely indeed. The message captioned, Beware of What You Sow in Life, provides enough recipe for everyone who reckons with God in his life, to make good resolutions. Read More

ONE of the most important festivals that God ordained for His true worshippers to celebrate in this age of international distress and perplexity, the Last Day, is the Feast of Tabernacles. Yet it is the one most of those who profess to be Christians treat with utmost neglect. The Feast of Tabernacles is an annual festival that was instituted by the Almighty God since the days of Moses the prophet during the historic journey of the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan. Read More

WHOEVER does not know Jesus Christ has no real knowledge of God, and, according to the Scriptures, he cannot be saved! (John 17:3) Among the creation of God, he is placed in a class distinguished beyond all others both in the heavenly realm and on this terrestrial globe. But to bring him into a line of equality with the Almighty Father is a damnable error.

From the utterances and behaviour of some people who profess to be the followers of Jesus Christ, we are convinced that they do not, in fact, know him. The name Jesus is constantly upon the lips of men. While some for good reasons call him with due reverence, others do so either because of the merest trifle or out of religious fanaticism. Read More

The ability of the individual to have mastery over his bodily passions as not to be ruled by his desires or lusts is known as self-control. In the Christian context, it is the abstinence from excess, and from satisfying every creature comfort or bodily appetite in the fear of God.
Today, there are glaring evidences of lack of self-control among many people. They indulge in alcoholism, drug abuse, over-eating, compulsive sex, gambling, smoking, wrathfulness, etc. Read More

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