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Was Christ Born on Christmas Day?

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Scripture says that God’s word is true and anyone who ignores it and will not carry out the demands of God, though he may tower high or may appear to be getting on well in life, shall certainly be humbled or brought low at the end of his godless, vain glorious life. Look up Eccl. 8:11-13; Isa 2:11,17. READ MORE

There is nothing bad if Christians participate with discrimination in the efforts to revive and preserve the past culture of a people for the present and future generations to behold and learn. However, we must warn them to discriminate and guard against anything that is opposed to the Christian faith or that leads to ungodliness. They must abstain from immoral dresses and plays that provoke lawless sexual acts and/or whoredom because they are abominable sins punishable by God Almighty through Jesus Christ, the Master and Leader of Christians. READ MORE

During the first advent of Jesus Christ on earth, he had cause to scold someone who showed lack of understanding and who did not realise the importance of his (Christ’s) mission. While he was preaching the person brought him a message to the effect that his mother Mary, and her other children who were his brothers in the flesh were waiting outside the crowd and desiring to talk with him. READ MORE

We cannot claim to be the disciples of Christ when, instead of keeping his commandments, we go about committing sins or practising our own or personal righteousness like the unfaithful Jews or Israelites of old or ancient time. Please look up Romans 2:25-26; 9:6-8;10:1-3 and Hebrew 4:1,2 etc.

Anyone who is proving himself worthy of God’s Kingdom must by God’s grace and power, do as follows: READ MORE

The idea that Christianity is the “white-man’s religion’ or a part of Western civilization is very wrong indeed. This is the ignorance of our people. The European or American has no right whatsoever to lay claim to Christianity more than the African. The fact that the Europeans came in contact with the Christian gospel earlier and had the advantage of first being in possession of copies of the Holy Bible does not in any way place them in a position of superiority over Africans in God’s order of things. READ MORE

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