Devotional Guide, Today’s Reading – Monday, March 1, 2021


Text: “Honour the LORD with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase: So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine.” – Proverbs 3:9, 10.

Comment: Right from time of old God Almighty had ordained that His people should show a token of their faith in Him by offering gifts in support of His work. The Levites who were the ones consecrated to the Lord’s service were maintained by these offerings and were thereby enabled to remain dedicated to the work of God.  Before the Jews reached Canaan, God used Moses to give instruction that every farmer among the Jews should bring the first of all the fruits they harvest in a basket and present to God and worship before Him. (Deuteronomy 26:1-11) The quantity to be given was not prescribed but was a matter for the conscience of the individual, for his own blessings. (Deuteronomy 26:13-15)  King Solomon in the text for today enjoins us to learn to give to God the first fruits of our income.  This expresses our faith in Him, our appreciation for His goodness, and  it is a prayer for more of His benefits in the days ahead. David prayed: “The LORD hear thee in the day of trouble; the name of the God of Jacob defend thee; Send thee help from the sanctuary, and strengthen thee out of Zion; Remember all thy offerings, and accept thy burnt sacrifice; Grant thee according to thine own heart, and fulfil all thy counsel.” – Psalm 20:1-4.