TODAY, “The Weekly Sermon”, by the grace of Almighty God, completes one year of publishing, and so this issue, number 52, ends volume one. This first year of this periodical is a very glorious one indeed. Its weekly circulation which began with 10,000 has risen to 28,000 – yet we are unable to cope with the demand of the public. Words are inadequate to express our gratitude to Jehovah, the Most High, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, for crowning our efforts in this regard with tremendous success.


The purchase of a modern new cylinder press this month to facilitate the printing of The Weekly Sermon in order to meet the great demand of the people – all to the glory of God – and the number of souls already won to the faith of Jesus in the GKS where the truth is preached unadulteratedly, are an index of spiritual progress. “This is the LORD’S doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.”


We also seize this opportunity to thank all our friends and well-wishers among Nigerians and foreigners, many of whom we do not even know in person, for sending us donations towards The Weekly Sermon. We pray that God, the Giver of all perfect gifts, should reward them abundantly for their liberality. It was Jesus Christ who said: “For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward.” (Mark 9:41) And St. Paul admonished that out of goodwill people should do “service, as to the Lord, and not to men: knowing that whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he receive of the Lord, whether he be bond or free.” – Ephesians 6:7, 8.


Our thanks also go to those who through letters or oral messages have wished us well and encouraged us to carry on the great spiritual task of exposing errors, condemning evils and championing the cause of truth and righteousness. Their good wishes we do hereby reciprocate.


Since the maiden issue of The Weekly Sermon dated September 1, 1968, saw the light of day, there has been a lot of stir in religious circles in the country, and the response of the people has been spontaneous and reassuring. Messages or letters of congratulations and inquiries in acknowledgement of the TRUTH continue to flow into the GKS Secretariat daily.



Following are some of the letters from readers:-

I enclose…. postal order as donation towards “THE WEEKLY SERMON”. It is a good piece of work and hope bound volumes will be available for sale in future. Best wishes.

Lecturer, University of Ibadan.



Although, I have read many religious magazines in the past but I was not totally convinced as when I read “The Weekly Sermon” of Sunday 22 September, 1968, handed over to me in the Catheline-ferry while crossing from Apapa to Lagos.


I formed an opinion that I should write for my own regular copies and perhaps become in the nearest future a member of the God’s Kingdom Society.


I was born and bred in Catholic. I attended Catholic schools… I taught for some years under them before I resigned my appointment and joined the Civil Service and now working as an Executive Officer… My mind tells me that the Catholic Church is not the right church I should go, and for this I have refrained from attending the Church for the past six or seven years.

O.K., Lagos.  



I must thank you for weekly supply of your spiritual lectures and illustrative comments and observations on the Bible passages. I enclose here… for the Society as my donation.

Barrister-at-Law, Warri.



I wish to express my profound gratitude to the Almighty God Jehovah and His only begotten Son Christ Jesus for the impressive and progressive step forward in the dispensation of the gospel message by your recent achievement in the publication of the “Weekly Sermon”. I find it most enlightening, educative and edifying… We who are privileged to belong to this noble Society are fully conscious of the wonderful grace of God in providing us His sheep with His word which leads to life… Sceptics who thought at one time or the other that the Society will never be in a position to spread the Kingdom message through well-organized media of publicity have now come to realize that their wishes were never based on sound judgment.

Keep the work going – Titus 3 v 8. May the good Lord bless and protect us all.

GKS Member, Lagos



Great Relief

Your “Weekly Sermon” which is given out free of charge gives a great relief to the soul. It reminds us of our Creator and brings us closer to Him. I send… to promote the propagation of His message through your “Weekly Sermon”.

Yours ever, who chooses to be anonymous.


On a certain day called Sunday, a leaflet slipped into my hands through my wife, saying, “This was given to me by a certain person who described himself as a member of GKS”. When I took it from her, I saw flashing and interesting word, in fact it aroused and stimulated my intellectual powers and I was spell-bound to use that keen perception to read every word therein for some minutes. I am much impressed how you put word after word and with so many references from a book called Holy Bible, in describing “What and Where is Heaven”. I was amused and yielded to laughter when you said, “We standing on this earth cannot point downwards when we talk of the firmament.” This subject or article is so glaringly treated by you and I must say that, it is noteworthy in the Minds of great Thinkers. May the Supreme God, who lives in Heaven of Heavens, bless you and your entire congregation with real heavenly bliss to be strong in mind and body to spread the good tidings. With my best wishes to you all for Peace profound.

Dr. W. O. E. Midwest.



I read your WEEKLY SERMON of October 27 and I was very much impressed by its contents… Even friends do not allow me to keep the one I got last week. They always come for it.

I have friends up to fifteen who are greatly interested. Believe me or not your sermon will undoubtedly save many people from sin.

Only God can thank you.

J.B.A. Okene, Kwara State.



The educative – moral and spiritual – value of “THE WEEKLY SERMON” cannot in any way be doubted.

D.A.O., Ebute Metta.



I read your “Weekly Sermon” day and night. I am really impressed with the news about God. I am a soldier.

O.A., Port Harcourt.



This has marked a step forward in the history of GKS. The reaction here of the people who have read the few copies is very pleasing.

E.O.A., London, S.W.9.



I am pleased to inform you that I have read your magazine. I was a congregation servant (of Jehovah‟s Witnesses) at Elele, Port Harcourt, in the year 1952-57 before I returned to my home Boji Boji Owa. I am very much interested in your Godly action. I am now convinced that the way you interpret the Bible is theocratic and spiritual… In short the next organization I will join is the GKS. I wish you God’s blessing.

H.C.I., Agbor.



Please find enclose our donation of… in appreciation of the good services of your Denomination to our nation. We have been enjoying the “Weekly Sermon”.

ASP & Wife, Midwest.



It is a glory to Nigerians that such a gospel tract is being published in our fatherland, Nigeria. Forward ever, backward never, “THE WEEKLY SERMON”. May the blessing of Almighty God be unto you publishers of the WEEKLY SERMON. Amen.

E. O., Mushin, Lagos.



Kindly accept my sincere ‘thank you’ to your Society for the beautiful work being done in enlightening as many as care to read your weekly sermons. You can be sure God is prospering your efforts and I think a knowledge of this fact is enough joy. God bless the God’s kingdom Society.

S.P.A.A., Lagos,



I was too happy to read the sermon on the Birth of Jesus Christ and the freedom Day Message. I have given them out to many who have been interested to know the Truth.

M.E.B., Calabar.



I wish to say a big thank you for your weekly sermons that come to me ceaselessly. In fact I have gained much from them. It is a divine service which many other groups of Christ‟s followers have not freely done.

I will not fail to emphasize the essence of your clarity, and vast knowledge of the Holy Bible which figure out properly in your publications. May the Lord bless every hand that contributes to the smooth running of this project.

J.H.O., Sapele.



I must have to congratulate you for your “Weekly Sermon” Vol. 1 No. 23 which someone gave to me. You exert great efforts to see that it is circulated. You have got me highly interested by the spiritual messages it conveyed with genuine proof of understanding.

H.J.E., Lagos.



I am very much interested in reading your “Weekly Sermon”. It will please me greatly if you can enlist me in your Society and send me regular issues of your “Weekly Sermon” and make me enjoy all other benefits of membership.

E.R.A., Ubulu-Uku.



I have read your “Weekly Sermon” of Sunday, March 2, 1969, with great interest and satisfaction.

A.E., Ughelli.



Tremendous Progress

I am one of those who are seriously working to give the public a good understanding of the role of the GKS in this part of Nigeria. I am not one of your recognized representatives but as one who has seen the usefulness of your “Weekly Sermon” I am able to understand the views of my co-members. Most of the people here are interested in reading your “Weekly Sermon” written in Yoruba which they can easily read.

 I am therefore with the opinion that you should try to print some in Yoruba language while the English version is retained for those of us who are not Yorubas.

Long live the GKS.

T.I.O., UCH, Ibadan.



Having regularly read “The Weekly Sermon” and having from time to time benefited from the copious religious and historical material contained therein, it will be sheer intellectual dishonesty to continue to read the hand-outs without donating towards the cost of production thereof. Consequently, I am forwarding herewith a token sum of… representing my free-will offering and/or donation. I am truly impressed by the tremendous progress in the God’s Kingdom Society has made in the dissemination of the True Christian Doctrine…. There is no gainsaying the fact, judging by the heights so far attained by the Society, that what the white man can do, the African can even do better in the Godly way. The recent Weekly Sermon which dwelt exhaustively on the history of how the G. K. S. was founded by its late President supports this assumption.

J.A.O., Lagos.



It gives me great joy to express my sincere mind for what I have read from your “Weekly Sermon”. The contents were actually meaningful and convincing. In my candid opinion you stand in a better place than the other churches. From your brave and impressive arguments, I am getting to be interested in your organization.

 J.O.O., Benin City.



I have read your “Weekly sermon” with much interest, and it has impressed me greatly.

M.M.M., Kaduna.



I have found your Weekly Sermon very interesting. Glory be to God. You have spent much money in making this great work a reality and I am determined to aid your organization. I have introduced your lectures to friends and relatives, and they are interested.

R.A.J., Okitipupa.



On behalf of the entire members of the staff of the above-named school, I send you our sincere thanks for your touching and inspiring sermons. I in particular do wish you long service through the grace of God in this your noble task.

Headmaster, Kwale.



I read your “Weekly Sermon” titled “WHO IS GOD” and I am highly impressed by your work. I must confess to you that I gained a lot from it. Thank you for the great work well done to help believers and unbelievers to know the true way. Some of my friends and relatives are also interested.

J.M.M., Abraka.



I am greatly impressed after going through your unbeatable Weekly Sermon. I have been reading religious pamphlets but none has ever satisfied me as yours.

O.C., Ibadan.



Having read the Weekly sermon, which I borrowed from a friend, I was highly impressed. I am full of happiness that God has inspired men to do His work in this part of the world freely, and for the advancement of his Kingdom on earth. I pray that our Father in heaven continue to guard and guide you, strengthen you and grant you long lease of life. I wish to enroll myself and my church for regular supplies – approx. 100 copies weekly.

Rev. M.C.N., Lagos.



I am much happier and have been trying to write you since one of your WEEKLY SERMON TRACT got to my hand. I have gone through and I found it to be the best Gospel Tract so far that I should have to read and study every week so that I and my members may know more the words of God. And we are making arrangement to contribute generously for the progress of the work.

Rev. P.A.O., Ibadan.


Indispensable Instrument

The sermons are very educative and they contain some useful corrections in regard to Bible misinterpretation by so-called old churches. Your weekly sermon is now an indispensable instrument in my daily life in this part of the country. May God help us to achieve peace and unity in this country within a short time.

A Soldier, Onitsha.


With great pleasure I donate this to support the undiluted Gospel to save mankind from the snare of the devil. The G.K.S. Weekly Sermon is surely the light in present day search for human survival in the last day. May the Almighty bless the Society.

S.O.A., Surulere, Lagos.


I am yet to come across better sermons or rather I am yet to be convinced that there are better and more educative sermons than those weekly sermons of the God’s Kingdom Society. May I therefore suggest that you arrange with one or possibly most of our leading newspaper to lend the Society a free column so that such sermons can be published in the papers to attract more audience and to help redeem the unbelievers. May your good work grow from strength to strength.

P.N., Warri.



These letters of readers are only a few out of the hundreds we have received so far. There are some who do not share the views of the God’s kingdom Society, and we appreciate their spiritual difficulties. We shall publish them with answers to their questions by and by. However, from the letters published herein there is no doubt that The Weekly Sermon has made a good impression in the minds of people.

May God open the hearts of men to understand His will. Amen.