Devotional Guide, Today’s Reading Saturday, 2nd March, 2024


Text: “And the king commanded, and they brought those men which had accused Daniel, and they cast them into the den of lions, them, their children, and their wives; and the lions had the mastery of them, and brake all their bones in pieces or ever they came at the bottom of the den.” – Daniel 6:24.

Comment: The evil plot by the other presidents and princes against Daniel, an innocent man, was inspired by inordinate envy and hatred just because Daniel was favoured by king Darius for his hard work. In the long run though, their evil plot boomeranged, and they lost their lives instead. Betrayal from trusted ones, conspiracy and ‘pull him down’ plots against innocent persons at places of work, and in the society generally has become commonplace occurrences. Christians should not succumb to conspire against any innocent soul no matter the presumed “benefits”. (Proverbs 1:15, 16; 4:14-18)These sinful behaviours are inspired by inordinate ambitions, pride, envy, and unnecessary jostling for positions of privilege. Children of God should desist from such evil deeds as they are contrary to the will of God. – Psalm 94:21,22.

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