We cannot claim to be the disciples of Christ when, instead of keeping his commandments, we go about committing sins or practising our own or personal righteousness like the unfaithful Jews or Israelites of old or ancient time. Please look up Romans 2:25-26; 9:6-8;10:1-3 and Hebrew 4:1,2 etc.

Anyone who is proving himself worthy of God’s Kingdom must by God’s grace and power, do as follows:

  1. Have and show strong faith in God always by good, godly works. – Eph 2: 8,9; Heb 11:6; James 2:14-18,21-26, etc.
  2. Pray for, and always do things with understanding. – Ps. 119:34,73; Prov 4:7,8; 1 Cor. 14:20 etc.
  3. Be fearless and speak the truth at all times whether imperfect man with his faulty opinion will be offended or not, and refuse to do what is wrong always – Ex. 23:2; Prov 29:25; Acts 5:29;2 Tim1:7; etc.
  4. Prove himself a true worshipper of God by keeping His holy commandments, which are also the ones of Christ, faithfully. – See John 14:15,21,23,24; 1 John 2:1-6;etc.
  5. Be kind or charitable to all men within and outside the Church of God and prove himself a good citizen of his country or wherever he lives. –    1 Thess 4:11,12; 5:15; Heb. 13:16; 1Cor. 10:32.
  6. Be a keeper and doer of the laws of the government of his country or where he lives, when such laws are not opposed to the ones of God. But where man’s laws are in conflict with divine rulers, it is God’s laws a faithful worshipper will obey,  because God Supreme. – Exo 15:11; Jere 10:6,7,10,11. See also Dan 4:37; Acts 4:19;5:29 etc.
  7. Fear God always and eschew evil of any description. See Prov. 16:6,10, 27,28; 1 Thess 5:22; 3John 11, etc.
  8. Work tirelessly or without being weary in supporting the Church of God or His Kingdom work. See Matt 24:12,13; 6:33; 25:31-46; 2Thess 3:13; 1cor 15:58; Heb 6: 10,11 etc.

Indeed those who do as stated above, by God’s grace, will be approved and counted worthy by Him to inherit His perfect, endless and glorious Kingdom over which He has made Christ head and king. Anyone who behaves otherwise shames Christ; he does not appreciate the value of his birth and does not deserve to be saved. If he claims to be a disciple of Christ, then he is a nominal Christian, a pretender or hypocrite. – Matt. 7:21-29;Luke 6:46 etc.

May God bless all of you who believe and may He help unbelievers who are His sheep to believe so that we may all do His will and be counted worthy as to saved in His perfect Kingdom by His grace.

Excerpts from the President’s Freedom Day address October 1983  

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